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  • Every girl has a lippy she doesn't think can be beaten. Glosses that can actually save your life. Five gorge shades, £5.99 each, that come with drink spike detector kits. Natasha Holt, Reporter, Fabulous Magazine.

  • Women are famed for multi-tasking and nothing does quite as much as the new 2 Love My Lips gloss. The gloss not only gives a super-shiny pout, it comes with a 'drink spike detector'. Talk about a handbag essential By Fashion and Beauty Editor, Emma Gunavardhana , OK magazine.

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Don’t be the victim of a stolen kiss… 2 Love My Lips  wants you to stay safe on nights out.

2 Love My Lips is every girls handbag must have a 2 in 1 lip plumping lip gloss package along with a drink spike detector kit.

Drink spiking  does happen it is not an urban myth… to combat the problem and raise awareness We are providing a promotion to on line followers.  2LoveMyLips are giving away a  Drink Spike Detector Kit with every purchase of one or more 2 Love my Lips lip gloss. In conjunction with our offer we are also give you  FABULOUS DISCOUNT off your first order.

Beauty and safety working hand in hand, girls have the right to look beautiful but they also have the right to stay safe.

Chose you first lip gloss and test kit for ONLY £5.99 and receive a  FREE ANTI SPIKING KIT promotion is subject to availability your free spiking kit will only be sent during the period of this promotion ONE FREE ANTI DRINK SPIKING KIT PER ORDER.

Important Information About 2 Love My Lips Anti Spiking Kits
Important Information


2 LOVE MY is the first of many cosmetic products with the 2 LOVE MY beauty range. The 2 LOVE MY lip gloss is a sassy, zestful two-in-one lip plumping breath freshing lip gloss, cleverly packaged to include a drink spike detector testing kit!

The combination of beauty product packaged together with a female protection device is both powerful and a must have in today’s world where fun and safety are so paradoxically linked.

Our primary goal is to promote 2 LOVE MY LIPS as a fashionable brand with a distinctive logo that is easily recognisable to women within our target age group of 16 to 50.

2 LOVE MY LIPS aims to bring safety and beauty to the finger tips of women of all ages.

A revolutionary female concept, where women’s beauty and safety blend together so transparently that the customer buys beauty and acquires safety almost subliminally.
2 LOVE MY LIPS is not just an accessory or new brand of lip gloss. It is a necessity for all modern women in social situations

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